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Return to small-town Sylvan in Jan Irvingís bestselling seriesóreimagined and re-edited with an all-new bonus novella.

The small Western town of Sylvan is a place for new beginnings for those who wonít settle for anything less than true love. These sweet tales of slow-simmering romance and the old-fashioned values of commitment and pulling together when times get tough prove that sometimes the best matches are also the most unexpected.

With the help of a storm, a washed-up Olympic swimmer and a carpenter cracking under the strain of caring for his Alzheimerís-affected father learn that opposites sometimes really do attract.

A likable cowboy called Happy Nate is determined to help a mute boy speak againóand to help his father move beyond the repression of the Mennonite community to find the love he deserves.

When a hard-partying cowboy is suddenly saddled with a surprise baby, heís at his witís end. Luckily the local doctor is available to help, and if the two men can find the courage to accept themselves and step into a new life, they might just make a real family. Theyíll need to lend each other strength when an unspeakable tragedy strikesóand when itís time to pick up the pieces.

I always loved a series I did early in my writing set in Sylvan. They were best selling novellas which I thought of as 'heart' stories. Stories about caregivers dealing with parents with dementia, or new parents without a clue how to take care of a baby on their own.

I took this small western town series and I added new content, more than 2000 words to each novella. What a joy it was to revisit and to just enhance these stories! I was in serious bliss. Then I wrote an entirely new and gut-wrenching novella called Luke's Baby, which picks up a few years after the story Luke. Luke is a cowboy who has a baby from a one night stand. His life is falling apart as he tries to deal with this but fortunately he meets Sylvan's town doctor, Morgan Gallagher, who offers Luke and his daughter a home.

I did all this writing very rapidly over a period of days. Luke's Baby, I wrote in one day. Almost ten thousand words! But it just poured out of me. And I was in tears for most of that writing. It was just so powerful.

So I hope that if you haven't read the series before you let yourself in for a treat. If you have, these stories are...well, frankly, better. These are very healing stories. Trust me, I was dealing with my mother's recent diagnosis of dementia and I was as close to down as ever in my life. I wrote the entire series to help myself find a kind of hope.

Find the brand new collector's anthology with an excerpt in print and ebook here.

Thank you, readers, for voting my book Loving You Multicultural Book of the Year!

Intergalactic cruise director Gwen Thompson watches sleek young warrior Kealton James from the shadows, unable to stop from wondering what it would be like if such a man claimed her.

Kealton James ran through martial arts katas, whirling and striking as though he faced a deadly opponent, his naked body oiled with fresh sweat. Intergalactic cruise director Gwen Thompson, hiding her plump, primly dressed body in the shadows, watched him, wondering what it would be like to be with a man like him, a warrior much younger than herself.

Kealtonís shoulder-length blond hair caught back in a silver clip snapped against his body as he kicked out one muscled leg. He whirled, leaping high, his indigo blue eyes seeming to hold hers for a heart-stopping moment. But it couldnít be. If he knew she was spying on him, surely he would stop, demand that she leave. It wasnít as though they were friendsónot exactly. She wasnít sure what they were. Whenever she was around him, she wanted to get closer to him as much as she wanted to hide from him.

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on their toes in this erotically charged adventure with suspense, action and romance. The author brings the story to life with well written scenes and events that capture the imagination and invite the reader to join in the sensual pleasure to be found between the pages. The strong compelling characters are easily related to and grab the readerís attention from the very beginning and have the reader wanting to know more--Stormy Vixen at the Jeep Diva Reviews.

The tempting bad boy is alive and well in the future. And when you start a book with a man exercising in the nude, you know the sex has to be good. A perfect summer at the beach read--Kathy F at The Romance Studio.

The BDSM elements were fascinating and the interactions between our main characters compelled me to turn each page. I would recommend to anyone looking for a very nice BDSM story set in a fascinating world--Jae at Dark Diva's Reviews.

*Previously released as Loving Kindness.

Purchase the book HERE.


Fearing passion after sheís been hurt, Princess Serafina hides until two warrior slaves are commanded to become her lovers and protect their innocent princess.

Princess Serafina hides from passion, working long hours in her successful pastry shop. By royal decree she is forced into a mating-of-convenience with fierce, dark and moody desert chieftain Tafir and the courtesan Ismet with his mesmerizing golden eyes.

Innocent Seri wonders if it is she who will ultimately belong to her two men, masters in the art of pleasure. Watching them together in love-play, she yearns. Once the vulnerability under her pride moves her slaves to possess their mistress, Tafir and Ismet vow to do anything to protect their lady when an enemy from her past threatens her.

This is a well-written, highly erotic, and well-executed futuristic tale that will leave you satisfied--Aiobhan Belen, Night Owl Reviews.

Ms. Irving has delivered a tremendously fun and sexy read! Ms. Irving has penned a story chocked full of murder, sex, intrigue and comedy. Readers will enjoy watching Seri blossom into both her sexuality and into being her own woman. At the same time, they will be in tears over Tahirís and Ismetís antics. At one point, I had to stop reading because I was laughing so hard. The mix of Tahir, Ismet and Seri balance each other well. Tahir is the very alpha, protective and demanding type. Ismet is the gentler mediator, with a flair for both fashion and love play. Seri is quiet, determined and slightly frazzled with a temper to match Tahirís. I enjoyed every minute with them. The sex is both abundant and HOT!--T.S.Peters at Just Erotic Romance Reviews.

*Previously released as A Pastry Princess, Princess features all-new material.

Available in print and ebook HERE.

The Protective Dominant

Night after night, wounded innocent Jenny Ann Green sleepwalks, reliving a nightmare. Her nearest neighbour, firefighter Taz--short for Tasmanian Devil--is a legendary sexy bastard of a dominant but he's breaking his heart over this girl. He needs to find a way to heal her. Her silent pain awakens his own past.

Soon Taz forces Jenny to leave the safety of her house. Taking her shoe shopping at the mall--even though he hates women's shoes--to a barn raising for the local coffee house and to the SPCA to adopt a forlorn golden retriever. It's not the way he ever thought he'd ever use his natural gift for dominance, protective and gentle, but the fear in Jenny's eyes is melting. Now she needs him to do more than watch over her, but to touch her. But small town girls like Jenny always fall for bad boys like Taz...

This is an enjoyable sensual and heartfelt quick read with one red hot sexy and dominant fireman. It brings tears to the eyes but inspires smiles when this couple gets the happiness they deserve--Eva at The Jeep Diva on The Protective Dominant.

I was glad to see Taz finally get his story. Jenny was the perfect soul for him: strong, intelligent and with just enough delicacy to bring his protectiveness surging forward. I was grateful when Jenny showed some spark so Taz could yank off the kid gloves. Their sex was deliciously molten and his care for Jenny was so obvious that I felt safeÖand I wasnít the one in his arms! Another great addition to this series--Bella at Fallen Angel Reviews.

As a couple, Luke and Sian are attractive. Heís intense, edgy and dominant. Sheís far from the delicate flower he makes her to be. She craves his dominance and is ready for more--Bella at Fallen Angel Reviews on Forbidden Fire.

Find The Protective Dominant for sale HERE.

Lonely Cowboy

Tate... I fell in love with a man I didn't understand. You know how that is? Simon Morrison has long silver blond hair in a ragged pony tail, and blue eyes more alive than I've ever seen, like he's walked with death so everything else has burned away. He's a warrior who came back broken, who hides in the shadows. And there's something dangerous about him, but I didn't understand until the night I ran after him and they were waiting, the other wolves. They tore into me and I died. My name is Tate Stevens and I died but something kept me here. I couldn't leave my warrior behind no matter how much it hurt, how confused I am to be whatever it is I am Becoming.

Simon... I came back from Afghanistan with one goal, to find a place to die. But slowly, watching Tate working on his art quilts, it didn't hurt so much. I felt the colors coming back. He is my light. He is my heart. They tried to take him away from me while I screamed his name. And now he thinks he's a monster. I have to find a way to bring him back to his light.

*As mentioned in USA Today.

Read the exclusive interview on the series at Femalefirst.

The theme of this series, exiled shifters who end up banding together, continues in this seventh book , and it turns out Tate and Simon live in White Deer, Montana - the same town as the characters from previous books. It was good to see some of them from earlier volumes again, while following a story that is uniquely Tate and Simon's. With Simon mentally broken and Tate blissfully unaware of all the shifters around him, this is a story full of mystery, secrets slowly revealed, and suspense around how in the world these two men will make a relationship work--Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews.

I loved, loved, and loved this book. These uncommon cowboys are awesome! I love how some of the characters are shifters and the shifter element plays a little in the book but doesnít overshadow the entire story. I also like the fact none of these men are perfect. Each one is damaged in some way and finds the perfect someone to compliment them and make them whole again. I also like that it never comes easy, and the men donít really change they just heal.

I loved Simon. He is sexy in his own way. I really loved Tate. He may be small but he knows what he wants and isnít afraid to be himself. I loved that he is a quilter and a true artist. I also liked how the other characters from the past books are brought in with just enough info you donít get confused. Now letís talk about twists. There are some big twists in here. I gasped, I cried and I sighed!--Cat from MMGoodbookReviews.

Lonely Cowboy available HERE.


Created to be the perfect killer, Shade has done some 'shady' things in his past but when he meets Nick, a sexy and honorable part time painter, Shade is drawn to possess him. And Shade is very good at getting what he wants, using any means necessary...

Described as "dark and lovely" Shade is a story that just wouldn't let me go, mainly because of the character Shade, a man who has spent his life in shades of grey until he meets a truly good person. But what happens when the bad guy falls in love?

Here I was thinking Iíd be reading yet another clichť of a story when I was shockingly surprised by the creativity and imagination on this one.

So no, you donít have yet another hustler/cop romantic story here. There is crime, action, mystery, suspense, hot sex, and a fabulous donít-give-a-shit bastard of a main character--Thommie at MM Good Book Reviews.

Shady available HERE.

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